Textos em inglês para traduzir

Traduzir textos é uma ótima maneira de aumentar o seu vocabulário. Confira textos em inglês para traduzir.

Independentemente da direção da tradução (português-inglês ou inglês-português), essa é uma das atividades que mais ajudam a praticar o idioma.

Além disso, quanto mais variados forem os textos, mais você irá aprender. Comece com os mais fáceis – que podem até ser textos infantis – e aumente a dificuldade aos poucos.





Na hora de traduzir, evite recorrer aos tradutores automáticos. Às vezes, essas ferramentas atrapalham mais do que ajudam, principalmente se você ainda está começando a estudar inglês. Dê preferência aos dicionários impressos ou online.

Veja também textos em inglês para iniciantes

Também é importante lembrar que, muitas vezes, há mais de uma maneira de traduzir uma palavra ou expressão. Nesses casos, pode ser que não haja uma tradução certa ou errada; o que você deve observar é qual termo é mais adequado ao contexto.


Confira 10 textos em inglês para traduzir:

Mary went to bed. It was eleven o’clock. She turned on the light. She laid in bed. It was dark and quiet. She couldn’t sleep. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep, but she couldn’t. She turned the light back on. She opened her book. She started to read her book. It was a good book. She read one page. Then she read another page. After a while, she felt sleepy, so she closed the book. She turned off the light. She closed her eyes. She went straight to sleep.



Ed looked at the kitchen floor – it was dirty. There were little pieces of food on the floor. Ed saw bread crumbs. He saw cracker crumbs. He saw cheese crumbs. He saw little pieces of bread. He saw little pieces of cracker. He saw little pieces of cheese. He needed to sweep the floor. Ed didn’t want bugs in his kitchen. Bugs like to eat little pieces of food. He took the broom out of the kitchen closet. He took the dust pan out of the kitchen closet. Ed swept the floor. He swept all the pieces of food into the dust pan.



He needed to study for a test. He went online to order a book. He went to the publisher’s website and found the book he needed to study. It was 240 pages. It was $59. Shipping was $6. He could order the book from the publisher’s website or he could order it from the Borders store. It was only a block away. Borders wouldn’t charge him for shipping. He walked over to Borders. He gave the book title to the clerk. She typed the title into her computer. The price was $59. Shipping was free. The number of pages was 190. “Wait a minute,” he said. “I just looked at this book online. It has 240 pages, not 190. Where did 50 pages go?” “That’s strange,” she said. “Maybe you should order it from the publisher.” “No,” he said. “It’s okay. That’s 50 pages that I won’t have to study.”



Flu shots cost $20 at the drugstore. Only a few people are buying the flu shots. There are no long lines. No one is waiting in line. If you want the flu shot, pay $20. You don’t have to wait in line. You can get the flu shot immediately. The mayor announced free flu shots. He said, “We will give free flu shots to everyone. Come to the library on Saturday.” On Saturday 2,000 people went to the library. They stood in line for four hours. After four hours, there were no more free flu shots. They ran out of free flu shots. The drugstore still has many flu shots. But the flu shots at the drugstore aren’t free – they cost $20.



This was his first visit to the corner library. He walked over to the library information desk. The woman behind the information desk was reading a magazine. He stood in front of her, but she continued reading the magazine. He cleared his throat. She looked up from her magazine. “I’m looking for a book,” he said. “Title?” she asked. “‘Good Manners, Bad Manners,’” he said. She typed the title into her computer. “Downstairs,” she said. “How do I get downstairs?” he asked. She tilted her head to her right. “The stairs are over there?” he asked. She tilted her head to her right again. “Is there a restroom downstairs, too?” he asked. She tilted her head to her left. “The restroom is over there?” he asked. She tilted her head to her left again. “Do you have a sore throat?” he asked. She didn’t answer. She was reading her magazine.



He filled the pot with water and put the pot on the burner. He put a lid on the pot. He turned on the burner. He took a bag of coffee beans out of the cabinet. He opened the bag and poured some beans into the grinder. He ground the beans in the grinder for about 10 seconds. He took a #6 paper filter out of the kitchen cabinet and put it into a plastic cone. A big glass pitcher was on the kitchen counter. He put the plastic cone on top of the big glass pitcher. He poured the ground coffee from the grinder into the paper filter. He waited for the water to boil. He poured the boiling water onto the ground coffee. The aroma of coffee filled the kitchen. Mmm! It smelled so good. He couldn’t wait to drink a cup of fresh, hot coffee.



She was running late, so she wanted a fast breakfast. However, she didn’t have time to make her own breakfast. Her usual breakfast was rice, vegetables, and meat. “Will you make me a fast breakfast?” she asked her boyfriend. He was American. She was Asian. He preferred cereal for breakfast. He grabbed a box of cereal, a bowl and a spoon. He took a carton of milk out of the refrigerator. He grabbed a banana. “Here’s something fast for you,” he said. He put everything on the dining table. She looked at the box of cereal. “Let me try this first,” she said. She put a few flakes of cereal into her mouth. She ate them. “Yuck,” she said. “How can you eat this? It’s so dry.” “Well, that’s what the milk and banana are for,” he said. She said forget it. She grabbed the banana and went to work.



May called her mom, who lived in China. China was far away. Her mom was 50 years old and had many friends, but she missed her daughter. May lived in America. She was a waitress in a chinese restaurant. “Guess what, Mama?” May asked. “I met a nice man.” Her mom said she was happy. “Will you marry him?” she asked. She wanted May to marry. She wanted a grandson. She wanted a granddaughter. She wanted May to bring her children back to China. “Be patient,” May said. “I only met him last month. But he’s very nice.” Her mom said, “Okay, I will be patient. But hurry up!”


The mayor was in a hurry, because he was late. He drove his car faster. He didn’t want to miss his plane. The traffic light was red. He went through the red traffic light. “I’m glad no police are around”, he thought. He heard a siren and saw a red light behind him. The red light was on top of a police car. The mayor didn’t stop. He was in a hurry. He was late. He was the mayor. He drove his car faster. The police car followed the mayor. It followed the mayor to the airport. The mayor got out of his car. The policeman got out of his car. “You’re under arrest,” he said. “You can’t arrest me. I’m the mayor,” said the mayor.


He has a headache. His headache started an hour ago, and his head feels like it will explode. Of course, his head wouldn’t explode. It just feels that way. The headache is in the back of his head. That is where his headaches usually are. Sometimes he has headaches on the top of his head. Sometimes he has headaches in the front of his head. Sometimes his headaches are between his eyes. Sometimes his whole head hurts. But most of the time the back of his head hurts. His headache started while he was reading.

Reading causes headaches for him. He hates his headaches, but he loves to read. He reads for only 15 minutes, then he stops reading and takes a break. If he reads for 16 minutes, he’ll get a headache; so, he tries to take a break every 15 minutes. But sometimes he forgets to take his break. Today, he forgot to take a break. Now he must wait until the headache goes away. It will take an hour or two, then he can read again. But right now he must live with the pain.


Além desses textos, procure traduzir também textos jornalísticos e trechos de livros. Faça essa atividade com frequência e você verá como o seu vocabulário irá aumentar muito mais.



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